Generative Glass 2013 : Prototype 2

Beginning with a simple cone-shaped geometry (not too dissimilar to a typical culinary vessel for serving dishes) as the most basic unit for the design exploration.The process that led to our proposed aggregation logic evolved from a succession of glass-blowing exercises, mould-making improvements and 3D printed joint adjustments. By taking advantage of the structurally strength afforded by conic geometries, our final prototype is a hybrid system of steel, ABS plastics and glass, with joints attached at the apex of each conic unit and branching off  recursively. The structure itself is generative – with the ability to grow and change, relying on redundancy, complexity, connections and irregularity, whilst at the same time naturally creating a coherent whole collectively.

Process :

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Research Team:

Glass Art Specialists : Simon Moore, Sheng Tsang Chen

Architectural Specialists : Chen-Cheng Chen, Wen-Yuan Peng, Jie Shen

Students : Ju-Yi Hsu, Supanut Bunjaratravee, Mei-En Hsieh, Shih Shih Chen

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