Generative Glass 2013 : Prototype 3

The idea is to use the branching logic of Lindenmayer system (L-system) as a means to digitally compute the generative aggregation of our proposed glass component. An iterative design process, informed by hands-on glassblowing experiments, further led us to the development of our final 3-Type Branching Units. By varying the rules and parameters of our customized digital system, different possible collective configurations could be generated and then assembled as architectural entities (e.g. ceiling, columns, walls…etc).

Process :

Speculations :

Research Team:

Glass Art Specialists : Simon Moore, Sheng Tsang Chen

Architectural Specialists : Chen-Cheng Chen, Wen-Yuan Peng, Jie Shen

Students : Tian-Hao Lou, Hsin-Chen Ching, Yu-Ting Liu

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