Generative Glass 2013 : Prototype 0


This is the first series of glass being blown into a set of digitally fabricated mould made in plywood prior to the subsequent prototypical research on aggregating them collectively. Each student was asked to experiment with any form with the only constraint being the intuitive anticipation of  the behaviour of glass when blown into the mold and a specified block dimension.The digital models were modelled in Rhinoceros and each layer was automatically generated from a custom script definition in Grasshopper( a Rhinoceros Plug-in for visual scripting). Air vents were also strategically placed in the digital model as a means to regulate the air pressure of the glass during the actual blowing process.


Research Team:

Glass Art Specialists : Simon Moore, Sheng Tsang Chen

Architectural Specialists : Chen-Cheng Chen, Wen-Yuan Peng, Jie Shen

Students : Alvin Hwang, Yu- Yang Lee, Yue Peng, Emerald Sun, Tian-Hao Lou, Hsin-Chen Ching, Yu-Ting Liu, Lida Marinkova, Wongsakorn Wattanavekin, Huang, Yu Yang, Ju-Yi Hsu, Supanut Bunjaratravee, Mei-En Hsieh, Shih Shih Chen.

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