Generative Glass 2013 : Prototype 4

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Generative-Glass is an international experimental research programme designed to investigate the evolving role of glass as a physical material in design, art and architecture, as well as, its potential relationship with new computational/interactive/ fabrication production processes. Glass, unlike most materials used in contemporary architectural design, has remained relatively ‘inaccessible’ and ‘unmanageable’ due to various factors directly associated with its material behavior, making processes, assembly logics and cost of customization. The ambition of this annual programme is to successively produce a body of work, in collaboration with both contemporary glass manufacturers and artisans, demonstrating ways in which the implementation of glass as a highly aesthetical and self-structural material could be approached afresh via generative processes.


Inspired by the attractive and repulsive forces of magnets and the idea of pulling, the idea was to take this aesthetically beautiful principle as a starting point for the form finding and structure of the glass. Different experiments with rather unconventional techniques of glassblowing dictated our direction further and eventually lead us to the final structure. This project considers both the generative and computational side of the brief whilst still very much responding to the glass and acknowledging the idiosyncratic properties of this material.

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Research Team:

Glass Art Specialists : Simon Moore, Sheng Tsang Chen

Architectural Specialists : Chen-Cheng Chen, Wen-Yuan Peng, Jie Shen

Students: Lida Marinkova, Wongsakorn Wattanavekin, Huang, Yu Yang

Photos : Lida Marinkova

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